How to Handle and respond to the question and objection : Is this Network Marketing?

Many of you tumble when asked this question.

Watch this Video to learn how to react to it professionally!


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In Today’s Episode, I will be sharing with you…HOW You can RESPOND TO THE OBJECTION “IS THIS NETWORK MARKETING?”

You don’t need to dread this question…

I’ll show you how you can respond professionally…leaving your prospects more curious about the business.

Do you think that would be helpful for you to know how to do this?

Why is it that you may be fearing that question?


Well let’s think about it.


Many times it’s probably because you, yourselves are not sold on the idea.  Because of all the stigma that comes with the industry, it’s frowned upon by most people. Deep down you truly believe the business can really bring financial freedom to you and the lifestyle that you so deserve. Though, because of the 95% fail rate, due to the lack of uneducated and uninformed distributors out there marketing this business incorrectly, this industry gets slapped with the reputation of it being a scam, when you know it’s not.


It’s just a different distribution model that most people are not use to. Though the direction is changing.


If you want to be successful in this industry, you need to answer that question with confidence.


You need to make a decision, that this is the career choice you are making, that there is no plan b, which is usually a job that you despise any way.


Make a decision that this is a good choice, the right choice for you…and have faith that it will work for you.


If you doubt it, this business won’t work for you.


It will show through you when you present or talk about it, and why should someone want to join you, if you yourself aren’t even sure, or are fully committed.


You need to take a stand, own it, and be proud of this industry, because it has helped millions of people become financially free, you just need to learn how to do it the right way and understand how to get yourself into the top 5 %.  


You need to do whatever it takes to strengthen your faith and belief in the company that you promote…whether it’s through surrounding yourself with positive people, or read books about the industry and surround yourself with leaders and go getters, get rid of all the Debbie downers in your life, or at least, minimize it.


Go get courses, tools, and systems to help you grow in this business..


Model after those more successful than you.


Find out what they are doing, learn from them,  pay them if you have to…ask them to coffee, buy them dinner, whatever…


Surround yourself with people that would enable you to grow..once you bulk up your believe, answering any objections that comes your way, would be very easy, because you truly believe in the business and that it can work for you.


If you don’t, just save yourself the headache and go get job…I know it sounds harsh, but  your whole heart needs to be in this business, if not, it will shine through…

So how do you handle this objection…

The first thing you need to do is uncover the underlying issue of why they are even asking you that question, many times, network marketing itself is not the issue, it’s something that’s deeper.


It could be an experience they had, or someone they know had, it could be what they’ve read about the business? It could be that they don’t like sales. Once you uncover the issue, it’s much easier to address it.

Now here are a few examples of how you can respond.

You need to answer with confidence!


Now a few of these scripts I learned from Jessica Higdon who quoted Tod Falconne


If someone ask you, “Is this network marketing?”


You answer:

Absolutely, if it wasn’t network marketing, I woudn’t touch it. ( you see saying that with such confidence, peaks a person’s interest because they will wonder why you are so sure about it” )

Another way you can respond!

“Absolutely, but why do you ask? I’m just curious?”

(when you answer this, you will uncover what the real underlying issue is)

And ofcourse there will be people who just don’t want to answer that question and may even be rude, and it’s okay, you simply walk away from those people because you don’t want to work with negative people anyway, it will bring your entire team down.


Always remember, do not try to convince anyone to do anything they are not interested, because they will be the hardest people to work with, they will come with so much maintenance and this is a business, you are only looking for go getters and self starters…not people you have to babysit.

Once you ask these questions to the right people, you will begin to understand who they are and where they are coming from and that will get you closer to recruiting them.

If their real reason is they failed in their last company, maybe they didn’t have any mentorship, or guidance, assure them you are with one of the best teams, and if not, educate yourself enough to become that leader in the team or if you are just starting off, plug yourself into a system that can train you quickly and can train those you bring on board quickly as well and these days there are plenty of trainings out there.  

Do you see how that approach can make you appear more professional, and not come off defensive about network marketing…


Network marketing is a legit industry. The biggest problem that people have is, understanding that it’s a business. Most people that sign up have a lottery mentality and were never originally qualified to run a business. When you sign up for this industry, you are signing up to run a business and most people are not trained to be business owners. But if you really want to succeed in this business, you can learn and train how to run it right. If you bought a restaurant with no experience it in, wouldn’t you try to learn all about it, and find someone who can do it right and pay them to teach you how? I bet you would. The same for this business.  Treat it like a real business that it is, and it will pay you handsomely like one…


The biggest perk about this industry is that, it doesn’t cost you an arm and leg to start one..just some initial seed money, and some proper training to get all the tools you need to succeed in it, and some hard work, you can have a real opportunity to make serious money with it.

This industry rocks, and if someone isn’t open to at least understanding it, it’s not big deal, you just move on…

Most people try to hide what they do and many times people know what network marketing is.

Just be direct and straight forward about it, the right people will appreciate it and you can weed out the wrong ones that you would have wasted so much time with anyway…


You are actually doing yourself a favor by just being honest and direct about it.


Yes only 5% will succeed, because only 5% are normally willing to work hard on it. Its great to recognize that, and do what it takes to be the top 5%.


Just say it with confidence because there is nothing to be ashamed of about this industry, it is not your fault if someone doesn’t understand it…


“We are looking for people that are looking for us…anyone can do this business, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to succeed in it…so no worries…


Network marketing is awesome if it can work for you!


Also, if you want to know how I generate a healthy full time income for myself online that is not in the network marketing industry, be sure to grab my free ebook at Victoriaterlifestyle.com, it will be showing you exactly what I do, and you will also be able to get on my VIP list that is open for only a very limited time, so don’t miss out on that, I will be sharing with only my VIP list only, exclusive information on the latest trainings, tools, and resources of what’s working now in this industry.

And don’t forget to Comment Below, and tell me if this episode was helpful and if you will be using these exact answers when someone ask you next time ?.  Also, Ask me any questions pertaining to this and I may feature my next episode with an answer to your questions.

Alright, I’ll see you on the flip side!!!

Again its Victoria Ter, coming to you from VictoriaTerLifestyle.com signing off!

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