Are you making these Branding mistakes?

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Today I will be sharing with you, some mistakes that many of you may be making. Read below to see if you are making these mistakes on your social media page!

  1.     Your Banners – Are you branding yourself or are you branding your company? I know many of you love your company and believe that you will be with them for the next 30 years and you may, but what will you do if you don’t want to be with them anymore, or they belly up, or you want to add another business into your Online business? What do you do, but when you brand  you…people know you, people come to you…and that Last forever because your image, will always be YOU.
  2.     Profile Picture – Many people have unclear photos of themselves, or depressing looking photos. They don’t smile, and if you want to recruit people into your business, you need to smile, people like working with happy looking people in general. Another issue with profile picture, people put pictures not of them, they put pictures of their kids, pets, scenery) If you do this, most people will have a hard time relating to you and not take you all that serious because this is a people’s business..they like to see a picture of the person they are talking to…so change this right away!
  3.     Your about section – some people don’t think this Is important. But it’s really crucial if someone is looking to see if they want to work with you. I know I always check someone’s about page to see if I think they would be the right fit for my business. So if you think people don’t go there. They actually do. They look to see if you have a website, if you have a description of what you’ve done. They look for a reason why they would want to engage with you. So this part is pretty important.
  4.     No Contact information. I know you are relying on private messaging them, but a lot of times your message can go to the other folder that most people don’t really know about and they may end up never seeing your message. Keep an eye out for future post, I’ll talk about how you can combat that. But in the meantime, be sure to have a way for your prospects to contact you, whether it being email, your phone number, etc.
  5.     You are constantly pitching…or maybe not you but your team members, they are constantly pitching and you have to tell them to stop because this is making our industry look bad, this is what makes people outlook on our industry so negative, think about it, would you want to join or buy from someone who’s constantly pitching to you? Then why are you doing it to others. Its sad because our industry is by far one of the most amazing industry but if you don’t provide value to people first, they will think you are a scammer, and a spammer, and that’s bad for our industry. There are ways that you can approach people and have them be interested in you.
  6.     Your Fan page is not connected to your Personal Profile – its hard for people to know what your business is if you don’t connect them.
  7.     Photos – you need to have photos that show you are a serious business person. Professional photos if you can.  You can have photos of family and children and fun activities, and parties..but you shouldn’t have too much of each item only, like all photos of your kids, or all photos of you partying and drinking and getting drunk, too much of anything isn’t good, and it isn’t good here either because people want to know that you can be a serious and reliable business person too..so show some photos of you at events if you attend them, or depending on what you are marketing, if it’s a health and wellness company, then pictures of you being athletic, working out, drinking some awesome magic juice or smoothie, remember no logos..so people would ask you what you are drinking..and if you are representing makeup, show some lifestyle or new looks of you getting ready to go out, etc. things that actually pertains to your market.


  1.     Your Post – What you post is so important that I had to create a whole post dedicated to that, and I’ll be posting that tomorrow, so be on the lookout for it..it can really make or break your brand.

So these are the major Mistakes that most people do on their branding…hope you found value in this, if you do, share it with your team and let them learn about these as well!  


Don’t forget, comment below on which one helped you most.



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