Episode #37 – Three Key Daily Activities to Recruit Quality Leaders !

In order to Grow your Business quickly, you would need to know the 3 Key Activities to Recruit Quality Leaders!

Watch this video below to learn about them.


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The Key to this business is consistency…


If you are working full time or if you are a busy mom, time is valuable to you. You have to use it in the most productive way, focusing on money making activities. You only really need to spend about an hour each day doing this among a few other things, and you will see your business explode…


You need to do these 3 things daily guys…


1 – Spend time looking for high quality people to talk to.. . This is probably by far the most overlooked step that most people do. They try to sell to everyone.. Doing that will result in wasted time on people who are not qualified to help you grow your business. When you focus on high quality people, they come in strong and grow your business faster with less maintenance. When you want to recruit everyone, you end up wit a bunch of people that you have to babysit. Its not about recruiting everyone, its about recruiting strong team builders..


So focus on going over their profile. You have access to it right there on your finger tips. Unlike back in the day where people had to do live recruiting and spending countless hours getting to know someone only to find there are not interested or they are not qualified. Become familiar with what type of person they are, you don’t want to spend days trying to talk to them only to find that they don’t even like network marketing or open to it. So this step is extremely important, recruiting one good person, can make up for the 10 lousy recruits…


2 – Spend about 15 minutes reaching out and creating relationships with these people. All you have to do is be present and in sight. Be sure to check in each day, for just a few minutes..this helps you build a stronger relationship and when it is time to present the business to them, they will be more prone and open to listening..because they know, like and , now trust you.


3 – do step 1 and 2 ,  2 or 3 times aday. And you will be building faster than you know it…if you keep consistency and repeat this religiously, you will see results..its just ineviteable.




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