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In Today’s Episode, I will be sharing with you…


Now, Have you ever wondered why the top leaders have more credibility, aside from the fact that they are successful?


Well, if you look at their profile, you will see that they brand themselves, they don’t brand their products, their company, unless they are the Company!


Network marketers and affiliate marketers don’t own the company, have no power over it in fact.


If you look at the new age top leaders in the industry, they usually brand themselves…

So if you want to become one like them, and make the kind of money they make, you need to learn how to brand yourself!

The first thing you need to do is, understand…


The 3 Reasons why you should brand yourself…

Reason #1


When you brand you…people come to you for questions and solutions…so who do you think they will be obligated to buy from? You? But when you brand your company, guess where they will go? To your company.., they will google your company and they will the get information from them! And guess who they will buy from, your company replicated site…this happens all the time, and you don’t even know it…


Reason #2


You build authority and credibility. You will be looked upon as a leader, and when that happens, people trust your words, and will want to join you, and buy your products…so when you recommend something to them, they usually just take  your word for it..no matter what company you are with. This also frees you from being tied to just one company. You are not your company…and one day, if the company belly’s up or you just have a conflict with your upline, which it had happened to many, it wouldn’t affect you,  you can easily resume to another company, rebuild that easily without having to effect your image.. Would you want to work with someone who is branding herself as an It works girl this month, then 6 months later she decides it not right for her, and she wants to move on to Beachbody, and then that didn’t work so she moves onto Younique.., you probably wouldn’t want to join someone like that because they seems like a flopper…not stable..but if she branded herself and you didn’t know who she represents, it wouldn’t effect your judgement on her..right? You see my point…by branding yourself, it actually protects you…no external issues can affect your image.


Reason #3


When you brand yourself, you have leverage and in time your business can become automated. People will just sign up with you and join you, without you even prospecting them. When your brand is strong, people automatically buy and join! Think about it, if you were looking to improve yourself through self help resources, wouldn’t you just kind of automatically go to someone like a Tony Robbins? Or a Wayne Dyer, or a Louise Hay? It’s because they build their brand so strong that people just automatically know what they are known for, trust them, and buy their products. They never reached out to you? They didn’t have to prospect you..you went to them?

You see, the main key to branding is to have people come to you…and sign up and buy from YOU…no matter what you market.. You can be marketing anything and in this industry, once you brand yourself, you can literally become an affiliate to anything, and people will buy because they will trust you.

This is how Sales and Sign ups happen no matter what you are marketing ! its through Branding YOU! So look at the big picture and see yourself beyond the company that you represent. See yourself as the Company, and start branding yourself.

Well that’s it for now!

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