Let me ask you a question, have you ever drafted a message to your prospect and they don’t respond??

Do you ever wonder why they don’t respond?

Well because there’s a right way and less effective way!

In this post,  I’ll be sharing with you how you can craft an effective Personal message to your prospects.




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First of all…

Some of you are just mass messaging people and making it very impersonal and that is exactly what you should not be doing. I mean, if you want people to respond back to you that is.  Do not, under any circumstances, copy/paste, copy/paste messages without customizing it to the next person.

So, here’s an example of how you can start.


“Hey [first name],” and the first name is in there because you want to make sure that they know you are personally messaging them and you’re not just mass messaging.

It’s really annoying to get messages that I know they didn’t type up specifically for me, and those I don’t pay too much attention to. I just move onto my next message. And remember, Facebook doesn’t like it and guess what? People don’t like it either when you mass message, so stop doing it.

The next thing you want to insure, is that you tell them why you are messaging them.


For example, “Hey john, jill or jack, I’m messaging you because I saw that you were in network marketing or internet marketing. I’m in network marketing/internet marketing as well and I just loved your comment. I can totally relate to you.” Then, you want to compliment them. Tell them that they made a really valid point, and that they hit the nail on the head. And that its so cool that they were able to achieve, whatever it is that they achieve that you saw on their page.

Then you can possibly ask them what do you do, unless it’s blatantly on their profile, you want to always check their profile for what they do, otherwise it looks like you don’t even care to look. And if they tell you that they are with a network marketing company, you can ask them what company they are with. And after that it will naturally lead to how they are liking it, and how long they’ve been there and what products do they like from their company, etc. Get them to talk about themselves.


What this does is help you build rapport with them, let them go on and on about how fab their business is and how amazing their products are. Naturally after they rambled on about their company, they would ask you what you do. And that’s when you can share with them what you do. All you are trying to do is establish rapport and if they are happy with their business.


If they are, you keep in touch with them, if they are struggling with something, you help them, and if they don’t tell you anything or refuse to talk, you just move on.


One thing to note, I know many of you are struggling with, the response from them that everything is amazing and fabulous and excellent.


Well, what you can do is ask, do you mind if I ask you how great it is?


Are you building your team and signing people up daily, or weekly? Here you are trying to get them to continue with the conversation and share with you more. And if they are saying, oh no, I am still learning and I got a person here and there, the truth starts to come out. And maybe that is excellent for them. Then you can share with them how you or your team members are signing people up left and right and if they would like for you to share how you did it. If you are not signing people up left and right yet, share with them how your team leader is doing it. Find someone in your organization that you can mention as leverage. It doesn’t have to be your success right away. Once you share how your team does it, this leads to you providing value to them. Sometimes people don’t care that you were not able to do it yet, they just need to know that it is possible. And from there they will be happy to connect with you.


Are you seeing how this is working?


Trust and rapport is being built. Don’t try to close on them right there and then. Continue to help them anyway you know how, and naturally they will come to you when they are ready to sign up with a new opportunity.


Or if you should direct them to an affiliate program and if you don’t have one, you seriously need to get involved with one, otherwise you are leaving money on the table. If you want to know how all that works, connect with me and I’ll share it with you.

Another way you can start a conversation with someone is by starting off with a complement of something you saw on their profile that you that was interesting.


For Example:


“Oh I see that you ran the marathon, how cool is that,  oh by the way, your comment in Robert kiyosaki group was hilarious, I was commenting on Robert’s status and saw your comment in there so I thought I’d reach out. What network marketing company are you in? Have a good one.”

Here’s another one.


“Hey john jill jack, I notice the beautiful scenery in your profile picture, where is that?”


Don’t forget, say their first name first, then tell them why you are messaging them., and then add the Compliment:


“You look like a cool person to connect with. I travel a lot as well.”


Also, if you could throw something in common with them, it helps buffer the conversation and not sound so awkward.


So, right there, “I travel a lot as well.” More compliments: “I notice the beautiful scenery in your profile page.”


And then you can ask them the  question:


“Are you a photographer or just love to travel?”


You see how that example works, you need to come off authentic though so be sure to go through their profile and look for something you can relate to , compliment, and then follow up with a question about it, so it’s authentic.


If you didn’t bother to look at their profile, how do you know you even want to work with them.


You want to work with leader type quality people.


These are some simple examples and it’s really easy to do, just start with looking at their profile, find a commonality, something to compliment that’s genuine, and think of a follow up question that knudges them to respond.


If they are in health and wellness, you can ask them if they are a professional nutritionist or just someone who loves great health products.


Really ask and genuinely want to know. Don’t forget, it’s all about being authentic and building friendships. This is a people business..the more authentic friendships you build, the faster your team and business will grow. It’s a natural result. People want to work with people, not companies, products or services.


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