Are you destroying your business without knowing it by posting the wrong things on Social Media?

Learn what the 8 Post are, that can destroy your business online!

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If you are looking to build a real business in this industry on the internet, you need to understand the type of post that you may want to avoid, these types of post can be destroying your business slowly but surely…

In this post,  I will be sharing with you the 8 types…

Are you ready?

  1.     You are spammy and ask people to join your business and tagging people that aren’t even in the photos. When you do this, they will be annoyed and they will start to mark you as a spammer. So be aware of that.
  2.     Constantly pitching -Other types of post are “join my team at…xyz company, so many people do it and no one really cares to join your team when they don’t even know you, or care for you. So start building value first so people get to know you, then they may actually be interested in looking at your business. Think about it, when someone send you that kind of a message or when you see that post on someone else’s wall, what do you think? You are probably thinking, why should I join you..I don’t know you ? well if that doesn’t work on you, then why would you do it on your own page? You know what I mean?
  3.     Another type of post that has been so overused lately is something like “I need 3 people to join my team so I can take them to the next level, or I am looking for 5 team players who want to make some extra cash. You know this may work if you are a leader in the industry already, so anyone would jump on that, but if they don’t know you from anywhere, why would they want to join you. You might get one or two or maybe even three people who would respond to it. But usually that kind of post, attract low quality type people. It’s not absolute, but it’s the norm.  And some people may be mad that I’m saying this, but think about it, when you do that, what kind people have you gotten? If you are the lucky few, you hit on a big one, but many don’t!
  4.     No Images on your post – gets boring after a while.
  5.     No lifestyle post – People may think you are not all that interesting
  6.     Negative post – Political and religious views..- you don’t know what their views are and if you are trying to run a business…wouldn’t you hate losing a potentially awesome recruit because you guys have different view points? I don’t think you may care about his/her view point if they can build 100 people in your downline if you are in network marketing, or upgrade and purchase high ticket items that you market to them in the future? So why risk it?
  7.     Gamers – it’s cool to have games, but if there are too many, I usually avoid those like the plague..it’s fine to humor yourself once in awhile with games, but after a while, if you are a serious business person, you don’t have time for games…so if you do play games, don’t put it on your wall all the time…just my opinion..you don’t have to take my word for it. It may work for some, but probably very few.
  8.     Bashing other people or other companies…when you do this, you may have a few people that go along with it but overall you probably don’t want to work with someone that does that all the time, imagine what they would say about you if you got on their bad side without knowing it. Kind of like dating, do you want to date a guy or a girl that is constantly talking smack about his ex? Probably not. That says a lot about his character..

When you do all these things you will be attracting the wrong type of people and do you really want those types on your team or in your business.. The whole point of this business is to attract as many go getters and leaders as possible and these types of post defeats that purpose..


You want serious people that can literally change the course of your business. So you have to post things that attract them.


That’s why you need to create a brand that attract those types of people.

When you think about who you want to attract, start to think about questions they may have, and post things that answers those questions, answer those needs. People will love you for that and they will start to follow you. If you provide no value what so ever, people don’t really have a reason to follow you and engage with you. So you would never attract those leader type people into your business.

These are just a few that I learned from the top leaders in the industry, if you look at their page, it doesn’t consist much of any of these things. Maybe a few might, but not the majority.


If you want to know what to post, check out my Post on Day 40. It’s about the Four things you can post on Social Media to gain traction and grow your business.


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