Episode #32 – 10 Things to Become a Credible Brand !

If you want to easily get SALES and SIGNUPS, you need to become a credible brand so that people an know, like and trust you to buy anything from you!

Watch this Video Below to learn the 10 things you need to do to become a credible brand !


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10 Things to Become a Credible Brand !

  1. Determine what your brand is – Are you the health and beauty professional, are you the internet marketing coach, are you the health ad wellness teacher? Are you the financial professional. What do you represent, you overall! What is your Social media brand, write this down and do a brain dump.
  2. What ticks you off, what annoys you..get upset, make a stand, an example that Jessica Higdon gave is that they hate people who plays the blame game. People who won’t take responsibility for themselves and blame it on others when they can’t make it in this business. It’s the same as going to college, just because you pay 60K a year, attend it for 4 years, doesn’t mean they can guarantee you a job, its up to you to get the job, not the university, same for this industry. Its your business, there are tools that are available to help you grow and make it easier for you, but its not those systems and tools fault if you don’t make it, its up to you, up to how much time, how much effort you put into it. No one can guarantee you anything, so stop blaming everyone but yourself. You see this is what ticks them off, people who blames everyone else but themselves, so when they put it out there, they have a tendency not to attract those kinds because those kinds, would avoid them, so what ever ticks you off, let it out, not everyone has to like you. But don’t go to far where its personal though, remember what I said about avoiding controversial issues..like swearing and going on a political or religious rant..
  3. Determine your target market! What kind of people do you want to serve, what specialty do you have that they need? What are their pain points, and how does your product or service help them? Once you can determine that, it becomes easy to attract the right people to you!
  4. Always Think about your Customers first – whats in it for them. How can you serve them? Understand that in business, its never about you, its about your target market, its about them, the moment you make it about them, the faster your business will grow! If you have the answers to what they are looking for, they will flock to you. So always keep your customer or target market in mind..
  5. If you are selling make up, you are not gonna target men. So always keep your target market in mind and hone in on them. Learn all about them and how you can serve them! And then make sure your page, will attract them.
  6. Another thing, keep your branding consistent, be congruent, meaning be coherent everywhere you are. No matter which social media platform you use, use the same style or same color story and possibly even same picture.
  7. Guys if you don’t have a fan page yet, don’t worry about it, many leaders build a significant business initially without a fan page, but just get to it as soon as you can, but don’t let it stop you from starting and working on your business.
  8. For your Banners if it’s a personal profile, have a picture of a scenery or if you have photos with leaders in the industry, or pictures of events that you attend, even better, but if you don’t have them, just have a beautiful lifestyle picture, don’t put company logos. You are not your company and you don’t want to have to make changes and confuse people or want to add other things to your business. I know some of you are still adamant about doing this, but its only going to hurt you because people will just google the name of your company and end up buying from them and not from you, or they may come across a marketer that is more experienced and end up getting hitched by them, this happens all the time and you probably won’t believe me until it happens to you. Sad thing is, you’re not gonna know for a while and that’s a lot of lost business that could have been yours, if they had just came to you with questions from your curiosity post!. Now I talk a lot about curiousity post, so just check out my other videos on that. Now the only time that its probably sort of okay to brand your company, is if you are already very successful in the industry and you are already established with credibility, but when you do this in the beginning, people will think you have an alterior motive when you reach out to them, and people usually don’t respond well to that. So guys, if you can, stay clear from company logos and websites blatantly on your personal banners. What you may want to replace it with, is some professional photos of you, if you could, otherwise, iphones and Androids take pretty good pictures these days, just pick a clear and clean background so its not distracting.


  1. For your FanPage, You can put your company website, but link to you ofcourse, if you want, but make it subtle, and do it with a tagline. Think about how you can help others and let the tagline speak to that. If you incorporate the two, It will come off less salesy and pitchy. And besides people are only interested if they know whats in it for them.

Because this is a professional Page, try to Keep consistency with color choices, which color speaks to you the most, which color makes you happy, and try to keep this throughout all your social media platforms if you are using more than one.

Get some action shots of you doing interesting things. Smile Smile Smile okay!

Get a logo professionally done that represents you.  Go to 99 Designs for it, they do an amazing job. Not mandatory to do this, but if you want to take your business to the next level, it may be worth it.


  1. Your About section and Intro – Try to tell a story, not only facts, you can have your website, company website is fine too if you are just starting off, but in time you should have your own website if you are looking to Brand yourself. Tell your people Who you Help and what you do for them. Be as specific as possible. Know that you are only trying to attract the right people to your business, if they don’t like Network marketing, you can’t recruit them anyway if they know what you are doing So don’t try to hide what you do. Be proud that you are in network marketing. This industry has grown drastically in the past few years, and has created financial freedom for so many people, so don’t be ashamed of letting people know that that is the industry you are in now. This is completely different than plastering company logo and spamming everywhere, I’m speaking in terms of the industry. On your personal Page, be sure to connect it to your Fan Page.


So guys these are a few really great ways to start branding yourself, especially on Facebook!


I hope you got some value out of this, be sure to share this with your team so they can start branding themselves the right way, and like my fanpage to get more trainings and tips like this and subscribe to my youtube channel if you are watching this from youtube.

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