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How would it make you feel to generate 40+ prospects to talk to in a day, prospects that are already interested in your business!

How would it make you feel to be able to get 3-4 Sign ups in a week?

And how would it make you feel to still make money from the people that says, no to your business, you know the ones that says, nah, I’m happy with my company! Yours isn’t for me…

Well these are the results of one of my mentors right now, and I’m implementing these same strategies and starting to see results already in a really short time..so, If you want to grow your business…listen up and pay attention. I payed a fortune for these mentors to coach me, and I’m about to share it with you for free!

Okay are you ready???

Facebook Technique #1 – Start a conversation with people that like, comment and share your post. Those are free leads! You need to connect with them and start building a relationship with them. You have to genuinely be interested in them.

Facebook Technique #2 – Add those that show interest in your company to a hard copy, so you can follow up with them later. The money is in the follow up. You need to find out what their problem is so that you can help them fix the problem. Don’t just spam them without even knowing if they are interested.  Maybe someone says that they are sick and tired of their job and they need to find something else, if you don’t do small talk with them and build rapport with them, they won’t share that with you , but when they do, that is an opportunity for you to share your business with them. Maybe someone says how much they are sick and tired of feeling tired and gaining weight, well there is an opportunity right there for you to share with them your products if you have a weight loss product. So when someone expresses interest, and you had given them a link or provided them with information about your business or product, that means that they are exposed and when they are exposed, two things you need to do. One, you need to put them on a calendar to follow up with them the next day. And Two, you add them to a follow up list on facebook. Following up a month later isn’t going to cut it.

Which takes us to technique #3 – you add them to a list. If you go to your homepage on facebook, you can actually create a list. This list allows you to create a list. Once you create the list, you go to back to the person that you had exposed the business to, and you add them to your list, that way you can follow them and be in front of them all the time. Don’t forget in order to add them to the list, they need to be your friend, so you need to make sure you connect with them and ask them to be a friend, that’s the only way you can add them to the list.  Once this list is created it becomes a newsfeed of all the people that you added to this list and now its easy to like and build a relationship with them so you can always stay in the face of your prospect. They will stay on this list, till they join your business, once they do, they go to another list of team members list, and then you continue till you know for sure they are not interested.

After you create this list, what you will discover is that your business has 3 doors.

  1.     Customers
  2.     Distributors
  3.     Other marketers to affiliate products.

Customers – They do not know that they need your products yet, You need to get to know their problems before you can provide your product as the solution. It’s your job to create value to them via blogs, videos, post, images, and emails, and be in their faces. It’s your job to educate them on the benefits of your products. And closing them on the solution to their problems through the value that you share.It’s not selling when they need what you have. Its providing solutions.

Distributors – Some of your customers will become your distributors or team member depending on what you are marketing. Your job is to lead them to your business and coach them once they decide to be a part of your business, you can’t force them, they have to want it on their own, and for those that actually build the business will duplicate what you teach them and will help you create residual income if you are in network marketing, or build a larger team if you are in affiliate marketing.

Other Network and Affiliate Marketers – They are potential buyers, even if they are with other companies. They already have an entrepreneurial mindset, they are looking for leadership, and they are looking for marketing help because they are struggling in the business, you would be leaving money on the table if you send these people away, or you could send them to a system that can help them grow their business while you can earn an affiliate commission at the same time. It’s a win win. They get help that they need, you get rewarded for introducing the help to them.


You see, these prospects are great to keep helping because who do you think they will join if their sponsor is not there for them and they are sick of the politics, or their company gets shut down, or they are just looking to switch opportunities. They would most likely look to you.

Everything that I mentioned, between the adding value, connecting with people, putting them on a follow up calendar, putting them on a list to build the relationship.  I’m following these steps as well and I’m on my way to success. I just wanted to share this with you as well and tell you That you can do this.


There’s a right way to do this, there’s a system and there is a process and some skillsets that you need to follow and learn and you can be well on your way too.

I hope you found value in this and if you want to know exactly what we are doing and the system that we use, connect with me on facebook, send me a private message, and I can walk you through it and show you exactly what it is and how it works. Alright don’t forget to like my Fanpage, and comment below if this was  helpful to you.




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